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shut up OysterHippopotamus

this song is awesome i love it

Loud; static; crude

I apologize for the extremely negative review that is about to follow, but nobody seems to have given you any constructive criticism at all. And before I start, I must congratulate you on attempting one of the hardest pieces there is to play.

I consider this performance to be one of the worst I have ever heard. Beethoven used the marking 'una corda' in the original score, which for all intensive purposes means to play VERY softly. However, every one of your notes is loud and crashing. Furthermore, there is almost no variation in volume. From start to finish, almost every note is the exact same volume. It's almost as if this were played by a computer with midi, but your rendition is even worse than that because your rhythm is imperfect. Sometimes you speed up slightly, sometimes you slow down slightly.
I understand that music should not necessarily be played with exact, metronome-like rhythm. That tempo should vary is obvious. But that variance should be deliberately planned, and carefully executed. This is called 'Rubato'. Your variations in rhythm, however, are done accidentally. They are mistakes. It would be better to play it like a metronome than it is to play it with accidental fluctuations in rhythm.

My biggest criticism, however, is the way you play those triplets that definee moonlight sonata. The last note of the triplets is almost always louder than the other two. If i can illustrate what I mean with text, your playing looks like this: "Dun dun DUN! Dun dun DUN!' and so on. Instead, consider making the first note of every triplet the loudest, the second note should decrease in volume, and the final note of the triplet should be EXTREMELY quiet. However, what I am asking is much more difficult than it sounds (it's why I said this is one of the hardest pieces to play).

From listening, I doubt your 'practicing style' is good enough to execute what I have suggested. Pardon me if I am mistaken, but I think your process for learning this piece is as follows: You learned the first few bars, practiced them for a bit, and then you learned the next few bars. You put them together and played from start to finish many times until you could play it decently. Then you learned the next part, played from start to finish until you could play without mistakes, and so on until you finished the piece.
That is not how classical musicians practice. I suggest you take each measure individually, splice those measures into sections, and practice the hell out of those sections. 2 hours for one measure should be the minimum if you want to play well. 4+ hours is probably more realistic. When you practice, you should go over every single nuance until you can play it perfectly and comfortably. Also, you need to be able to play any fragment of any measure with musicality. Don't just play the notes, put feeling into them, even if you are only playing a half of a measure at a time. If a five year old were listening to you practice just half of a measure, that child should immediately recognize what you are doing as music. That half measure should make anyone who listens want more. And so it should be with EVERY half measure you play.

In short, if you have respect for Beethoven you will put honest hard work into ironing out every tiny mistake and brining out the most subtle aspects of the music. If you are unwilling to do this, which I sympathize with given the mammoth amount of effort required, I suggest you play pieces that are loud and fast. While still difficult, MOST of these pieces do not require the same amount of labor and/or talent that moonlight sonata does.

I hope I have been helpful and not hurtful. I do not mean offense, but receiving a bunch of tens with comments like 'WOW AWESOME!!1!' will not help you improve. Anyhow, good luck in the future and whatever you do, don't stop playing!

All my 10 r belong to you.

I'm a sucker for classical music, but I'm also a sucker for bands out there that sound like this. I'd love to hear some more of your covers in the future. Very relaxing but a slight bit of angst or something. I like this alot, and I assure you this will not be the last time I listen to this.

nice one

i love the proper piano version and always have but this is still great,nice remake

Different instrument, different mood

You make beethoven's masterpiece sound like a mysterious scene in a cowboy movie. Wow!
You have my 10!