Reviews for ">==Moonlight Sonata==<"

Fab Yo

I really enjoy the song so when I saw a cover i thought I must listen, I must admit i was slightly reserved about it but as soon as I started to listen I realised I had no need to be. This was well done and the strings in the back give it that little extra. Kudos man this was really good.

this song is awsome!!!

this song is great, and it also gives me the chills. I just love this song so much and the way you changed it to guitar was Genious.


Not only is the idea original, it's well executed. I have a love of classical music, and I'm really just starting to get into it...you sound like old Metallica playing this though. But better.

I'm really happy to see good stuff like this.

Was Alright

Not really into Classical more heavy and hardcore myself but this was still ok i guess.

rocker206 responds:

lol Well thanks for the review.


Dude all i can say is sweet man. hope u make more dude.

rocker206 responds:

Wow thanks!