Reviews for ">==Moonlight Sonata==<"

Well done!

Nice guitar sound too. Fits remarkably good to the piece.

Nicely played!

Did you arrange this yourself? I noticed its in the key of E minor, instead of the usual C# minor, which kinda adds a different feel (your melody begins on a B instead of G#, right?). I suppose theres no way to do this on guitar in the original key without huge retuning or transposing it up stupidly high? Or at least not on solo guitar, my arrangement is done on many different guitars, but its in the original key.

I can also tell that there are very few mistakes in this, respect! It also sounds like you're using a pick...an unusual choice given the style. I, personally, would use either fingerpicking or hybrid picking.

In conclusion, a very well thought out and performed arrangement! Worth listening to.

If you have time, check out my version of this song, as I said, its done on many guitars, and its in the original key (I havent even attempted it on one single guitar!). I would like to hear your feedback!


You got my 5 RESPECT!

Very nicely done.

Nicely done I always enjoy this one, and the guitar make it better than ever.

very well done!

Always nice to hear a classic performed on a different instrument, and yours on an acoustic certainly does this song justice! i wonder if a violin version exists...

10/10, 5/5