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Better Than Beethoven's Version!

But still, I gotta give the old guy some credit for helping u come up with such a nice piece!


I love how you used the change in tempo to perpetuate the uneasiness that the way you performed this piece puts over the listener. It's much darker than the classical interpretation and I respect your choice to make it so.

very nice

kinda reminds me of twilight :)

love this peice

But its unoriginal. And though I somewhat agree with you I'm sorry OysterHippopotamus this is one of beethovens most basic peices, its elementary dude seriously its easy I played this when I was in first grade. still doesn't change the fact its a brilliant chord progression. and you played it well. still Its not that impressive to me, maybe if you pull off the third movement or compose a piece of this quality. sorry dude but I know many people who can play this with there eyes closed on piano and guitar including myself. and not a fan of the guitar echo it sounds noisy to my ears, though cool voices they're definately dope.

Sounds beautiful

I can't say I know much about music, but this sounds like a beautiful cover of Beethoven's Moolight Sonata.