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It has a kind of sinister feel to it

rocker206 responds:

Your right it does lol. Thanks for the review.


I have to disagree with JDBassman too. It sounds really good to me too. I might have try turning up the choir in the mix alittle because it sounds damn good. Really nice stuff.

rocker206 responds:

Thanks for your review! If I do something like this again I'll remember to turn up the choir lol. Thanks again.

I'm really disappointed.

You have way more potential than that, you lost me in the middle of the song, but you are pretty stubborn in recording, even if you put a bass line in, it would have given a bit more punch, it truthfully got boring, I gave tons of suggestions to make it really cool, and fit in with your genre, I'll give you a bit of advice, next time, if your going to do a cover, make it sound origional, remember "I sawed the demons"?!!
P.S.- I know that this song was pretty difficult to cover, in the end it wasn't worth it. Stick with what you know best.

rocker206 responds:

Well Am afraid I'll have to disagree with your review. I'm glad I did this cover and I learnt alot from doing it. I feel it's good for a musician to try new things and thats what I did. So I'm sorry you found this song boring but then again thats just your opinion. In the end I feel this song was worth covering and I enjoyed doing it.


I love my metal, buut i won't discriminate against GOOD music that is from another genre. Great little tune here, even though it wasn't made by you it was nicely done. Very good job. Great clarity, kind of a spooky tune at parts, keep making good stuff man. I put your individual scores a bit lower because it was made from another sucker, but still great.

rocker206 responds:

Thanks for the review man!


This sounded great, very erie. I never knew that this piece would shine on guitar as much as it does on piano! Also, I loved the little background choirs and sound, they really supliment the whole piece.

Great job, this is an awsome display of your other side. I look forward to hearing more stuff form you!


rocker206 responds:

Hey thanks! I'm glad you liked it.