Reviews for "Mechanical Ice Apocalypse"

It was ok

The only thing I had a problem with was it took touchy controls and sometimes the keys wouldnt respond well with the game, moving me into lasers after i let go of the down button.


nice simple shooter.

wasn't too hard once i figured out the weapons (of course that means i died on the second weapon lol)

Love it

Pros and Cons
-Easy controls
-straight forward

It does slow things down abit but not to bad

My review-
I really liked it. Right from the beginning the whole, input coin/credit deal was great, instantly got major points for it. Kinda nostalgic for me personally, then offering a chance for quality which i like so you dont have to hassle with that in game. Then the difficulty question XD there is no questioning it, you just pick hardcore mode. lol liked it loved it recommend it.

Love it

lol its a fun game and i loled at the difficulty settings hahaha


Fun and addictive!!!!