Reviews for "Mechanical Ice Apocalypse"

It's really good

But the hit-detection is kinda weird. Sometimes I don't die from just slighty scraping the missiles but sometimes I die even tough I didn't even touch it. Otherwise it's really fun

PS. Please fix the winrar bronze silver and gold medals, I beat the boss in 2:17 but I didn't get any of these medals.

bcdefg123 responds:

Did you play in Easy mode? No medals there. If you DID play in normal/hard mode, please PM me. - Brian

its alright dude

i thought it was alrigth im just pissed it wasnt longer ya know i gotta family to feed. by stealing ideas. hahaha jk but yeah man its good as a mug.

bcdefg123 responds:


good but...

its a good game but its pretty hard and i wish u could blow up the missiles shot at you

Great game!

A fun game, indeed, with excellent graphics, 3 days?That's amazing!Though the hardcore part is sometimes frustrating, but nevermind that, it's challenging.

P.S.: @Krogar The "Story" achievement isn't broken, It's a glitch, maybe.I don't think that having just one glitched achievement is a reason to put -5 on the score...Geez, people only want achievements, really?

The listen to the story achievement is broken

I've listened to it multiple times. Broken.

Fun game, challenging for gold.

bcdefg123 responds:

It's not broken. Simply put, the achievement takes longer to unlock for players who can't run the game at a full 45 frames per second. I replaced that with a more reliable method in an update which I'll put up soon. - Brian