Reviews for "Mechanical Ice Apocalypse"


i love the type of these games, but how ever the game time freezes on my slow computer -.- have only i the bug? but i liked the game and the music rocks


moar plz

If this were made into a proper game with several stages and other stuff, it'd be pretty amazing.

The graphics, music, and boss design are already amazing, and if you made this in only 3 days, I'd like to see what you'd come up with if you spent a whole month or more on it. :P


i died when he had 1hp left..


HAHAHAHA I laughed my ass off when playing on easy mode. You said it was a "gay soundtrack" but this I didnt expect! Other than that....the game is pretty hard indeed but its definitely good....sucks though to just have 1 chance

Quite entertaining and challenging

Finally achieved a time of 1:58:24 and hereby delcare this game as finished for me.
The musicand graphics are nice, and achieving a sub 2min time is really really challenging imo.
Only flaw I deteced is the short slowdown which occurs when you get the boss into his enrage state (at about 2/3 of his health) during the 3rd (fire) phase. Killed me several times. Maybe it's an hardware issue but I doubt it. Playing it on high end gaming gear.
Anyway, pussymode gave me a good laugh :)
well done for just 3 days of work!