Reviews for "Mechanical Ice Apocalypse"


First you did make me try hard mode later i did easy and i did LOL ASS FUNNY

Pretty good, pretty good.

Easy mode was cute. lol
Can I suggest a mode where you don't shoot missiles?

bcdefg123 responds:

You just did ;)

We probably won't do anything else with the game though. I said that like twice before, but this time I'm fairly certain. - Brian


after playing this alot ive finally managed to beat it.
this game for some reason makes me want to play it
also I find the idea of having one chance interesting
its also very interesting that there are multiple types of turrets shooting at you (maybe a game with more different types in the future would be awesome)
and that everytime you face them they have an upgrade so its not the same thing over and over... I was like WTH the rockets chase me longer etc
anyways nice style and keep up the games

also easy mode made me laugh... tried it for the lolz, nicely thought of to make people go hard mode ^^

oh God!

you made me choose uber hard mode :S

bcdefg123 responds:

What, you didn't like the easy mode theme? ;) - Brian

Awesome game

That's a really cool game.
Those who complain about difficulty, stop whining and use your hands and your brain.