Reviews for "Mechanical Ice Apocalypse"

Not the easiest shooter

I finally got the gold medal with a time of 2:15

The game itself isn't terribly hard, so much as getting the high score.

Really nothing else to say. The game is fine as it is.

you know what's strange?

First of all, the graphics, gameplay, and music are all amazing.

But the strangest thing is that the pussy mode is a lot harder than the hardcore mode. Yeah, I beat hardcore in the two tries, but it took me five to beat the pussy mode? Strange...

Great game tho

10/10 ^_^


The idea of the whole game being a boss battle hasn't been done a whole lot before.
I think it's mostly nice, but I don't like how you're obviously supposed to memorize the attacks and dodge accordingly. In the end that just takes a lot of time, but doesn't really require much skill. I got too annoyed to carry on after I died twice in the beams. You really can't clear that on your first time without simply being lucky.
The music is nice, and gameplay works just fine. Considering that this was made in 3 days (WOW, REALLY?! :O), it's really good. Well done! :)

Controls are sketchy but

Although the controls can be sketchy, it seems in some cases it serves as a sort of enhancer, because you'll want to retry and retry over and over. The game itself outside of the controls is very well made. The graphics are solid and although the story isn't the greatest thing ever, I can understand the difficulty in making this in three days. I enjoyed the game for what it gave me and all in all this was a fun game.


Very irritating game, especcially how, regardless of which quality settings you choose, the quality doesn't seem to reduce at all, and is still as laggy as ever.

Also, it's extremely irritating how the helicopter responds as though it weigh's 1000 tonnes, it's just so unresponsive. As somebody else stated, the buttons will just stop working sometimes, and it's especially annoying how you just slide everywhere, even after you've let go of the button.

Also, i love how you call somebody else "crappy and predictable" yet this is the most predictable game i've ever seen on newgrounds.

The music is predictable.
The weapons are predictable.
The story is crappy.
The setting is predictable.

Also, i know that this is a game but, as far as i know, a beam that emmits coldness is theoretically impossible.

bcdefg123 responds:

I'm trying to remember whenever I called anything or anyone on Newgrounds 'crappy and predictable'. Except maybe those Dot Dot Dot review 'revivals' on Super PSTW RPG, but I'm quite sure I didn't say it that way. Feel free to PM me - I could be wrong, of course.

In other news, a blue hedgehog that runs at 500 mph has just been spotted in the wild. - Brian