Reviews for "Mechanical Ice Apocalypse"

Amazing Game

It was so good. I had to play both modes.
Hardcore Mode: Amazing, well made. Great challenge.
Pussy Mode: Omg, It cracked me up the entire time, funny stuff, and a great mockery.

Victory at last!!

Gawd my heart has never pounded so hard... But I finally won.

After about 8 tries, I've finally learned what to do to continue pouring the damage on... *holds gold medal.* ^vv^

Though I gave the new "Pussy Mode" a try... all that rainbow-crap did was lag me up so I switched to Hard-Core mode. Fought better under that influence. [plus the music was ALOT more fitting.]

The one thing that gave me such a challenge was the missile duration/Laser movement speed and projectile launching speed all increased. I only got 3 words to say about this epic-class game...

WHAT... A... THRILL! *Plays again*

C'mere cupcake!

i liked it

it was pretty good and had some difficulty its all in know whats going to happen and how to maneuver though the weapons but still shooting the object its good ill give it a 4/5 9/10 reason why because its a lot like other games like i felt a starmageddon feeling in the game shooting and dodging there lasers and rockets

Wicked awesome game!

Good difficulty, great music, it's very challenging and fun. The dual lasers, to EtherealScorpions, have a pattern. Find the pattern, and they are easy to avoid. The only problem I have with this game is I don't have enough time to sit and finish it! lol Real life, always interfering...lol

it's fucking awsome!!!!!

i can say only that it's FUCKING AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!