Reviews for "Mechanical Ice Apocalypse"

I Love When...

iT Said "Mechanical Ice Apocalypse" ^^
Beat it ^^ 5/5

Excellent game

This was an awesome shooter you made here,the animation looked great with it's icy concept and it was quite a challenge especially at first but once you got used to the patterns it got easier though it's hard to beat in a certain amount of time but the controls we're great and overall i enjoyed this game very much. :)

Great game!

It wasn't that 'difficult'!
Secret medal is:Villian(earned by doing half-damage to boss)!

bcdefg123 responds:

Congratulations for stating the obvious ;)

The achievements section lists all the medals. The only reason the image is hidden for that particular one is to not spoil it beforehand.

Oh, and it's not half damage anyway... - Brian

Good, not perfect.

First off, the graphics of this game are really good. And surely if I'm playing with the awful graphics mode, the HQ version must be even better. I agree that the boss is a little too much about memorizing patterns, but it's got some strategy and skill involved as well, so you only lose one star for that. Lastly, the gameplay is a little buggy. Sometimes I'll hit the edge of the screen and just get stuck for whatever reason. It can be fairly irritating, especially during later portions.

fun game

good game but very difficulty