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Reviews for "Eskimo River Rush"


i liked it. although, if you melt an ice cube almost all the way, then get distracted with a bear or whatnot, you can create a situation where the cube is almost completely transparent but still not melted. i'd suggest a higher opacity for the last value of an unmelted cube, or even better, a different way to animate melting.

molkman responds:

Yea, I've come across that too. We should have made it more clear, maybe by making an unfrozen animal look different or cheer.

Nice one

It's a good entry for that 72 hours challenge, I've seen worse. Arcade-ish, simple music and graphics, not ambitious, a fine stress reliever if you had a hard day. :)
Good job everyone hope you make more of these,

hahah fun!

Great graphics! Really fun little game! As everyone says, flip controls option would be preferable though. Awesome!


great game! had to use my right hand for melting =/

molkman responds:

Yes, we should've flipped the controls.

the drawings...

they are insanely awesome