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Reviews for "Hilarious Cat Sleeping!!!"


Haha :P. pretty much the amjority of youtube is "Funny Cat _____" good flash :D

lolzXD niice

dude, niice work, although i ne'er sawr tha' kinda vid, for even though i love my wifes cat, skittles, i hate cats in general, so i dont bother watchin sleepin catsXD although i must say u captured the essence quite well


I have no real problem with YouTube itself, but its not cool when people get their animations stolen and slaped on YouTube by some other shmuck claiming to be the origanal creator. I mean, other than stealing the movie and making people think its yours, there is no real good reason for doing it! It's not like Newgrounds cost anything, no extra effort is required, nothing! It just plain old theft.

As far as YouTube being more "successful" goes, they advertise much more than Newgrounds. I don't really see any ads for NG on other sites, but, in my experience, NG is very popular among the people who know of it. Maybe if there was more effort put towords letting people know about NG, it would gather a greater fallowing, perhaps even RIVAL YouTube (wouldn't that be somthing?). I would definatly choose NG over YouTube, YouTube doesn't have games, music, or art, only movies, they have limited themselves in that respect. Also, the ability to BLAM crappy stuff is quite useful. (^_^)

Thank you Tom.

Mobile Devices...

totally agree with what your saying, stealing isn't the way to do things, but if flash authors uploaded their own stuff to a newgrounds channel, or if it was automated with so many views/ratings etc to the aforementioned newgrounds channel - it could kill off this crime pretty instantly.
The main problem is that there are millions of youtubers out there, and nearly every single one of them has an android, blackberry, iphone or other youtube compatible device, not a single one of them supports flash, just youtube, so i would go as far as to say, that mobile devices are the issue, and flash itself is the problem.

as for your flash itself, yes, there is some sh*t on the tubes, and its often that sh*t that gets the most views (cit: Charlie bit my finger ¬_¬)

i like both but

newgrounds have THE best perfect video quality that youtube doesn't rapes it. also youtube have so many useless crap of music videos with over used music that we already heard and shit, let alone that all the good stuff is on newgrounds and i don't have to get mad with stupid troll videos that i keep getting trick by (i suck) let alone that most of the flash films makers have great art skills which makes me fall madly in love with.

i love newgrounds since 14 and proud to be a fan