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Reviews for "Hilarious Cat Sleeping!!!"


:( agree 100% newgrounds is an amazing site for artists can post their stuff and get feedback from other artists so its a D*MN shame if newgrounds dies !!!

You said it, man.

Newgrounds should really be seen by more people. It has great potential. Although this site exists for a long time now it still hasn't the reputation that it deserves.

Anyway, the animation was smooth and the art was great, although the flash was kind of short. But that doesn't matter in this case.

The music you used fit pretty well into the scenes. I liked how it turned out and I'm very honored to see that my music was used by the maker of Killing Spree.

Congrats on the Daily Feature and the great score! You deserved it. Keep up the good work!

SamGreen responds:

Thank you for making some music that fits! :D hope that I can use some more of it in the future!


Alright, let me try to properly review this without bashing either website right off the bat. This flash has good animation, a weird hyperventilating soundtrack(which is always awesome) and overall, decent humour which speaks the truth. I don't understand why people are giving this low reviews with long rants. It's just a PARODY. Not everything needs to be taken so seriously.


tom is died?!?!! y nobody tell me


A. Biggest inside joke ever?
B. IT'S 12 seconds FOREVER :D

But funny animation none the less. Newgrounds will ALWAYS be around, they were and STILL are the pioneers of great animators and stories to tell, and even shaped the internet as we know it.