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Reviews for "Hilarious Cat Sleeping!!!"

Thats what we need...

We need people to quit wasting their already wasted life and get off of the world's DUMBEST SITE... Get off of youtube. You ever look at the comments? 5 page long arguements start because of one spelling error when none of the fags know how to spell, or use proper grammer. At least I can spell. : P Also, I have seen whole videos stolen off NG, and the audio replaced by a shitty song that doesn't even fucking fit. So Do yourself a favor, and let youtube DIE for all I care. Anyway, NG is my home now. Pardon any spelling errors. I type a bit fast...

SamGreen responds:

LOL I know EXACTLY what you're saying. I've had my own animations stolen and replaced with shitty audio... Big sighs.

More people need to watch this!

Newgrounds PWNS youtube! Not only do we have games, art and music, but we also have a chat room, better videos and a lot more fun! If a youtube addict watched this, I would laugh. Seriously. Great video!

Yes it is

Indeed Mr. WolfMan :)
I believe there are more worth-to-watch creative flash animations in newgrounds alone than in the entire youtube-google videos websites :3
NewGrounds 4E&E <3

TOO funny

The ending was hilarious. not saying, tom dying would be funny, but him dying at the paws of a hilarious sleeping cat would be funny.


Is that the end of newgrounds?