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Reviews for "Hilarious Cat Sleeping!!!"

Damn cats

I'm actually on newgrounds everyday, the last time I was on youtube was to listen to music from an artist I'm too cheap to buy the song for. Yeah, I'll admit that. I suppose this doesn't apply to me, but I know plenty of people it does. For a message video, that was surprisingly well animated and funny. Well done my friend, well done.

good point

I don't understand how all this "ctue kitteh" videos get so much play. Actually I can....old ladies in the workplace. They send this stuff to EVERYBODY at work. *sigh*


epic lolz

haha funny

i wonder what would happen if tom fulp did die???

i like both but

newgrounds have THE best perfect video quality that youtube doesn't rapes it. also youtube have so many useless crap of music videos with over used music that we already heard and shit, let alone that all the good stuff is on newgrounds and i don't have to get mad with stupid troll videos that i keep getting trick by (i suck) let alone that most of the flash films makers have great art skills which makes me fall madly in love with.

i love newgrounds since 14 and proud to be a fan