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Reviews for "Hilarious Cat Sleeping!!!"


So fucking true...

is tom fulp dead


Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset

*sigh* My account is having its 10th birthday in a few days. Ten Years on NG.

Have things changed? Yes. Do I watch YouTube more? I do. But I keep coming back here every day. Why? Because this is the place to go for original animated content and games. Compare the quality of the top 5 each day to the top 5 in 2002, 2004, etc. It's just getting better and better. Remember when "The Final Task" was considered the pinnacle of flash animation on NG? Now it's only "OK".

But even years ago, NG voters often praised uninvented junk. It's just the same on YT, but 100x worse. Pageviews and awards should never be the motivation for making art anyway.

Also, downloading and playing SWFs in a web browser is more HD than video is for the size, because what you're seeing is being rendered in real time.

very enlightening

your animation is very good and I like how the flash shows the truth of youtube being a block in the road for newgrounds popularity.

:) Makes me happy...and sad :(

I'm back and glad to be...I found this place in 1999...or 2000 and jsut came back. Viva la Tierra de Nuevo!!!