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Reviews for "Hilarious Cat Sleeping!!!"


I like the point of embedding from newgrounds, but there should be a filter. otherwise youtube would get loaded out with I dunno, kitty krew crap bringing down the otherwise good name of newgrounds.

SamGreen responds:

That is a good point. Though we do have the blam feature here. What ever is 'too shiate' will get removed.

Also the new website design should resolve the issue of adult content warnings too. I've said too much!

I watched it here....

Such a sad misfortune....I think Ill go rant about it on my vlog on YouTube...

lol hilarious way of sending the a message.

but is tom fulp really dead?


but who's going to post this to youtube? GAHAHAHAHAHA!


10/10 5/5

this is hilaroius!