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Reviews for "Hilarious Cat Sleeping!!!"

for shame!

for the slow people here and RotomaticLobster

This animation shows you how talent is trumped by people doing stupid things for fame. Things that, by themselves, aren't funny until music or slapstick comedy gets back into the game... though i didn't enjoy the animation that much

the message that watching stuff on here over youtube is basically him trying to say don't fall into line with what people call "great" videos...


wai t wut

did tom die ?? or not,not sure


lol so true,
Rotomaticlobster go post your opinions on youtube where the people obviously care!

well heres 1 reason people choose youtube over NG

stupid inside jokes no one cares about
i love NG, but forum/site inside jokes are about as funny to other people as carlos mencia is, which is 0, u want to attract other ppl then use jokes all can enjoy
desegregation of jokes ftw

SamGreen responds:

My next animation will have mario in it sorry.

so true