Reviews for "The Dub Collab"

Very Nice

You guys made some great sounds for this. I love that it was all vocal with a little doctoring here and there. The dialogue and voices fit together well. Great job!
I need to figure out how to get involved in this sort of stuff. I'd love to be a voice in something on here, so I guess I should start by submitting something to the audio portal.



good anim by the way.

failed aurally

for a project that seems to be emphasizing the sounds... this does a poor job. not a lot of sound stuff going on here. I enjoyed some of the other collabs that had aurally-focused themes, and they did great.

animation was nice. those 3 stars is generous.

I just pooped in this chair!

The clip this line is from ^ seems as if the animator and voice actor worked together it is just that seamless!


Heh, who posts a buncha' lines as their review? That's just doing it wrong, man. Review like this, like the cool kids do!

So, this is the dub collab. Would you feel bad if I never heard of it until now? Well...I didn't. But now that I'm here, I find that I like the randomosity. I'm not sure if ANY of this was suppose to make sense - I'm guessing NO. - but it was entertaining. Beyond that, I don't actually have much to say. Oh wait, yeah, one thing. The separate scenes made it easy to keep this in the background so I could talk to my friends in between 'em. Good on you for that.