Reviews for "The Dub Collab"

Great idea, poor delivery.

This was a great idea for a collab. However, the voices seemed half-assed and the jokes simply weren't that funny. It can easily be improved by working on some of the voice acting (or make it just a little less cheesy), and make the jokes a little more clever. They were sort of like dead ends. But hey, maybe that's just me. One redeeming quality of this collab is the animation. Still, jokes and voices. Work on it. Good job though.

omg omg omg i wish i was on that collab

it was so good it made me cry i little not to be there :'( fucking awesome.

It was alright

must have been a time trying to think up of what to say, my only complaint was that some jokes were not all that funny but still it was very good animation

Maybe there should have been a script

because the jokes were extremely unfunny. The animation and sound were alright I suppose.

we need more like this.

the seiyrureniah running gag was funny xD