Reviews for "The Dub Collab"

laugh my fucking ass off of the beginning

very impressive voice acting, i pretty much shit my pants laughing when i heard the beat boxing. Also your other shit was pretty good but kinda short and not too funny on some. BUT GOOD WORK MOFOS

very funny

very funny you had many different styles of comedy mixed in with collab and i liked the anumations.

lack of creativity

the animation was fair but the voice acting wasn't that good, it felt very uncreative and lacking in some sort of humor, mostly due to the fact that the animation was done before the voice. In my mind it works better to do the voice first and then the animation, because you can go all out with the voice and not be restricted to scenes that may not allow for much.


My favorite part was the 'select a scene' screen- the 'song' was amusing xD...

But thats hardly an actual review so... The animation on many of the scenes was done fairly well, the voice acting... well- it felt forced; which I assume is attributed to the fact that- by the vid's opening warning, all of the dialogue was improvised...

With that in mind- its pretty a pretty decent job, but I didn't find it very funny altogether.

Crapton of needless yellingg

Totally turned me off to about half of these. Sorry bro.