Reviews for "The Dub Collab"

Kinda Pointless

I like that...

We need more of these!

9 because only one of them was so so ;)
We need more fresh ideas like this out there. Awesome guys. This should be a monthly thing for more artists to get involved in.

Shot-Down and fatkidwithajetpack was my favorite

The whole collab was great, Keep up the great work guys


Awesome work! There shud be more work like this.
Short "Thumbs up"
Lots of different shorts "Thumbs up"
Awesomeness "Thumbs up"
Comedy "Thumbs up"
The sounds were super "Thumbs up"
The intro sound music song thingy on the desert clip cracked me up hahahah "Thumbs up"


Aweome xD
Newgrounds needs more spontaneous improv-collabs like that one :)
Highly recommend watching for anyone with a sense of humor xD

Great job :)