Reviews for "The Dub Collab"

Pretty interesting.

It's a great concept, but doesn't work too well. Some parts look like they're scripted, only the descriptions refrains me from believing so.

Some parts are pretty funny, but I reckon all the voice actors should have voiced one animation, not all on different ones. This way, the audience can see how each voice actor thinks when he sees the animation without voices.

omg omg omg

That girl from shot-down's animation was actually kind of HOT!!! But why did she say become a sex slave...


only 2 of the sketches were good and even then weren't great. The quality was shit, and the robot one was not funny in anyway what so ever.


lol the birthday and the duck-f*ckin' device were the best ones :3

Greg xD

Im wearing a pretty pink shirt today lol