Reviews for "The Dub Collab"


I liked the sounds you guys made, very interesting, but there was no humor in the animations, only a little in a few.
PS: Well, time to win a "useless" with this review just like Jchau beneath me...=D

5.6 of 10.0


Good dialogue...not so good humor.


chris couldnt say seiyrurenaih lol thats the funniest shit evar!
sei..seii. *tut* fuck it


Only the first one and the next-to-last one were any good. I would give them a 7.5/10 even though they were short(the point of a collab) but the rest were terribly bad in the voice department, I can overlook animation, but a dub collab with bad dubs....

That was

Pretty damn funny. They all are, but the one that make's me lose it is that game show part.. "Mother Of God"... That just hit something in me and made me laugh soo hard :)