Reviews for "The Dub Collab"

Well done!

Very well done! I liked 7 of the 8 animations. Oh and I could sit here all day and listen to the menu beat boxing song lolz. I seriously sat here for about 10 minutes bouncing in my chair before I decided to finally comment. Lolz

ha ha funny

5-5 10-10

good animation but

The jokes just seem to be inside jokes or something. Good idea, but there were not much sound fx to be made therfore the clips were kind of dumb.

not too shabby...

i gave it a 5/5 for it's uniquity, it's flow, and charm. i have to say though... the sound effects where a tad... gimiky. there the voices i loved, the jokes, i loved, all the rest of it was brilliant.


I admire youre skills for improvising, since you had no manusscript for the flashes. The scenes were all pretty much funny, I also admire youre skills by doing all the sound and sound effects just oraly. The menu music was also very catchy.