Reviews for "Super Mario BP Oil Spill"

so like...

what can that guy not do? mario i mean.

Nice one.

I can only think of one way this game could have been improved;

Why can't I use the DIVERS to plug up an oil leak? That would be the richest irony in the world, the very people who are out to stop you from saving the ocean, in death, are used to save the ocean!

Whoever you are sir

You deserve a real life medal for this.


a great game and its not even hard to beat the game, those noobs who say it is hard have no skill and should go back to playing COD. I easly beat the game with 2 lives left but since i want to be called useful ill give a guide to how to beat the game.

How to Beat the Game Guide
1. learn to control mario, its not that hard or awvward to control him.
2. NEVER let a diver remain on the screen but its not hard to avoid him to plug holes anyway, but only risk this if u want medal, but i recomend a play through before attempting medal.
3. Often divers will shoot your fish just before you hit them, try and time your attacks so they fire, move down or up then fire to avoid them blocking with spears.
4. Subs arent tough to avoid, but can slow you down, only use fish that are either just below them or above them and never focus on this and focus more on pluggin holes, i beat the game with only 2 subs killed with 2 lives left, and not one was from a sub bullet bill.
5. subs will die after 3 fish
6. bullet bills dont die
7. try to remember where the general area of where the mines were dropped and avoid going around that area untill u see them fall below the oil line, after that it moves so slowly you can easily avoid them.
8. Stay away from the edges of the map, on my first try (i won on 2nd because i was figuring out how to play but still with my reckless dies got to 2-4)
i lost 2 lives because i was hit by a fish coming onto the map
9. dont waste time killing mines with fish, i never did and they still wernt a problem, in fact, i dont even know if u can throw one and hit a mine and kill it.

Ok if you follow these 9 steps that i wish id mangaged to make 10 of you will easily beat mario, because the steps arent hard to follow.
And now to find out of thrown fish kill mines...

Mockery responds:

Thanks for the review and for sharing your tips with everyone.

Here are some other tips:

1) You lure the divers to swimming into the mines dropped by the BP helicopters as a way to kill them without wasting any fish.

2) You can also lure the divers to swim into the Bullet Bill torpedos shot by the submarines to kill them.

3) When you kill a submarine by shooting it with 3 fish, there's a chance it will drop an extra life for you to pick up.

Do these things, and you should have no problem gathering all the medals or making it past World 3-4 to see the big cinematic finale. Good luck!

this is funny BP sucks ass

the game was good to laugh at cause it dreged up memories on how bp fucked up bad.to me that's funny.