Reviews for "Super Mario BP Oil Spill"

Very Original

I love seeing creative ideas like this!

Smooth Mario, Smooth.

This game was amazing. Seriously, I loved it. I loved how using dead fish could block the pipes. Now why didnt they think of that in real?

Anyway, Nintendo should SERIOUSLY make this. LOL.

Anyhow, Amazing game.

good game but

ummmm is this like a hit to bp because it was an axendt you know im mean no reason to drive them into the hole even deeper

I will proceed to talk as a diva

Omigosh this is sooo mid-2010!

This was alot of fun.

I'll try to do better next time.

Not only was it a fun and challenging game with a worthwhile mechanic, but it seemed to be combining gameplay elements from different games. For instance, wasn't that the diver from the Jaws NES game? And where DID those subs come from? Also, loved seeing the mines blow away divers. Hah hah hah! Sucker!

Aside from that, great parody work. Funny as hell.