Reviews for "Super Mario BP Oil Spill"

Why am I saving fish that kills me?

Nah, I won't go into that kind of details... But don't you feel stupid when you touch a fish and it kills you, yet you're trying to save it? Shit! Anyway, the game is freaking sweet... Very addictive, original gameplay idea, and I like the mockery here too. Keep up the awesome work!


... is the state of the oil spill sir, your game is amazing! kinda wonders if there are any powers up though ><

Instant Classic.

Wow. This game is fantastic! Love the whole idea and everything. The harpooners, bombs and everything else make it very difficult. Love that sick, woozy music at the end too when you are almost completely contaminated in oil.

I applaud.

The message is: All of our problems can be answered just by throwing fish.

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