Reviews for "Super Mario BP Oil Spill"

haha really

omg i havent even played this yet and already love it. how freakin original perfect 10 even if its not but with a name like this how could it not be. this is why bambi's mom dies. life kids get use to it. i know irrelivant but im off to play this amazing game title.

BP had this coming to them.

I love to play a game where the villian is someone who deserves to be the butt of all jokes.

Using dead fish to plug up the holes was just funny and smart.

Of course, It was hard to play this without butting into the living fish and the spikes those damn BP divers shoot at you. Or even the unpredictable falling mines and those big, black missle things shooting across the screen. But, at least, I get to use the dead fish as a deadly weapon.


Very Clever,but kind boring after a while


i live on the gulf coast


This has to be the most well thought out parody. Fun to play, nice medals, nice music...... really really nice