Reviews for "Super Mario BP Oil Spill"

Yes this good

there is an awesome game set up i love the 8-bit Mario sprite and all the BP sprites
but i have 1 question how dose Mario survive all that oil along with the fact that BP
that BP tries to stop mario from saving them

i got a high school hooray

great game.

effin scuba cunts require a tad bit of patience.

the resolution is tight, fit in my screen just right.

but alas, it lags like a bitch. sometimes the CPU will catch up and it will run smooth for 30 seconds, but then it just bogs right back down again.

Really nice though, you just sort of get lost in a nirvana like state playing it, with the music in the background.

Mario fit perfectly

That Oil Spill really was something.


You get it by waiting at the title until the wale comes floating in oil


i felt bad about the fish but the game a awsome