Reviews for "Super Mario BP Oil Spill"


you know one day eveyone just frogot about the oil spill i wonder how much it costed them lolz


nexttime you should have luigi do it!

Great! I didn't finish it, but still!

I like this. Mario visuals and sound work well, everything seems well made... Some things, like the bubbles and the background seem a bit too modern for the sheer age of the original Mario sprites.
Still, I can't exactly complain, I have no idea where to start for something like this.
It's definately going into my set of "good games" bookmarks on Firefox, because it has the challenge of the standard of the classic Nintendo games, whilst still being fresh and relatively newsy... even if it has been a year or so since the oil spill, but then again, it does take time for stuff like this to get made, so fair play.
You recieve 10 pelvic thrusts, and 5 brofists for this work! You are credit to team!


i find this game quite amusing.

This game makes me feel like an NBA all-star!