Reviews for "Super Mario BP Oil Spill"

fun and funny

i like it but i always get stuck on lvl. 4 idk the big submarine it bugs me but i like it


What a great game you've got. It really passes the time ^_^
Grr stupid diver LOL

Mockery responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! And you can kill the divers by throwing dead fishes at them. Just hit the 'S' button to throw a fish.

perfect in many ways

this game is GREAT!!!
i love how it gets harder with new enemys,more holes
heres a little tip start in the middle and work your way out
too bad this didnt come out when BP had its accident this could have made the news!
10 out of 10
5 out of 5
i couldnt ask for more maybe a star power with the music to destroy the bad guys would be nice :)

really creative

Way to put modern events into Mario dude. If there was a Mushroom Kingdom oil spill, it would happen exactly like this

What an awesome concept!!

I never like BP, and this game is really some serious shit!
Only if corporations like BP crash for their terrible actions and someone discovers and puts into real use of much more reliable energy sources...