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Reviews for "Bionoids"

It's just like worms

Complete with over-accurate AI.
Why can't you sell anything in the shop? I had a bunch of useless crap taking up room and could have used the money.
The sheer cheese of the enemy units calling in airstrikes and shit every turn was too gay for me to handle. ragequit.

Nice worms copy...

but far to buggy.


im addicted


I don't understand why other people are giving you bad scores.
This game is well done and it's fun once it's upgraded to infinite saw and infinite laser or plasma. =) good job. (guys buy the legs)

good, but many issues

There were quite a few problems. One of them was a glitch were my unit would not stop walking and just kill itself. Another is that the machine gun sometimes damages the user for no reason. Also the AI was far too accurate at the lower levels, so it could not improve through the game, only it's items got better. Without these issues you would have a really good game. On the good side of things, the game play was alright, if it didn't have the problems. Also it reminded me of the worms games, and I loved those.