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Reviews for "Bionoids"

Almost a decent game

Style of game has been around (and has been cloned a lot), but that isn't what makes this a bad game.

I had a decent amount of fun until the enemy started sporting 4+ bots.
In order to keep up, I ran a few of the levels a couple of times.

However, I could never keep up with the enemy because I had to re-buy armor over and over (eventually I was unable to buy new gear for my last two bots, leaving me with 3 useful bots and 2 useless bots). You buy the armor, it shows in the bottom as if you bought it, then you go to 'lab', and it's gone.

Also, some of the weapons were highly inconsistent. I had the green laser (most expensive weapon) on three of my bots. Sometimes, they would insta-gib two enemies. Sometimes, they would whiff and do less damage than a rocket. Meanwhile, using the machine gun improperly leads to somewhat comedic, albeit redic consequences (gibbed myself with a machine gun?).

Lastly, I saw some enemies use 2 weapons in one round, which seemed to be against the rules, but which led to some frustrating games (machine gun, plasma gun; two guys dead in one round)

If the bugs were fixed, the game would be decent/good


This game is awesome!! I usually get really frustrated with these type of games but this one just has that finesse!! ONE MAJOR PROBLEM!! Its wayyy to easy to win!! if you kick your opponent to the edge of the arena they instantly get ko'ed. I understand why you did it, but putting boundarys instead of instant death would make this alot better. It takes away from having to actually try and use your weapons. :D Great job though! Cant wait to see more from you!!

It's basically worms, or tanks but more complex

Not a very original game concept, but there is a storyline (if very little) unlike in the above mentioned games. I havent come across any glitches, mostly because the game was so boring, and i had no idea how to play. Really the only thing that kept me past level one was that long list of levels and i thought "wow this'll keep me for a while". It didnt.


Hey, every wonder what worms would be like if it sucked? :D

Good concept

This game is very addicting. The only thing I need to say is whenever the character would walk endlessly in one direction. When the character would just stand there and not move, the only way to reset was to reset the game.

Fix those glitches, and this game is GOLD!