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Reviews for "Bionoids"


its very rare i even bother writing a review, but this is a must.

this games SUCKS BALLS beyond every thing, the thing you can shoot yourself, even when shooting in a straight line with no obstacles in the way, and the thing that your enemey got such high.. no they ALWAYS hit you no matter what, they just point straight up, BAM! next thing you know, your dead, and ofc they make massive dmg with that puny littel missile, and wtf? how is it possible for your enemy to like "kick you out of the screen?" that shit really pisses me off. this game is F.u.b.a.r

why was this such a waste of time?

This game requires TONS of fixing and patching,
1) CPU is as accurate as possible unless you have a graphic calculator in your head you cant beat them.
2) CPU has somewhat better to the best items you can get before you get them.
3) How come money doesnt grow on trees? Hard to make money.


I know this is a worms clone, with a few other things added, but overall it is still pretty rubbish. The controls feel jerky and unnartural. Music is pretty annoying. And overall, boring.

Practically Good!

@JScarper I think your review is too harsh and unjust to the game. First if you have any problems with accuracy buy a sniper head. Of course it is a worms clone but there are many games like worms. "Worms" is a genre now. Except for movement control bugs, this game earned at least a clean 8 for smooth AI, and game play..

Practically stolen

This is Worms, except not as enjoyable. The music is generic and boring. After about 10 minutes it gets positively annoying. As for the gameplay, the opponents are too accurate, getting hits that are near perfect in stage 2. I don't know about other players, but I don't think it's fair to force that kind of learning curve on players.

The weapons are pretty much copied from Worms the same way the gameplay is. I didn't enjoy this, and I think you deserve much lower than I'm giving you.