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Reviews for "Bionoids"

A little buggy

The game has a lot of bugs that are frustrating, but nothing detrimental. If is was smoothed out it would be a great game. Aside from that well done.

good game concept but bad programming

it's a good game and type of game and the graphics are fluent but you need to make the programs more solid. many times my keys stick and i lose a level because of it.

also is there a way to sell items or destroy them or something? it kinda clutters the inventory with all the old garbage

to many glitches

to many things that need to be improved

shop: buying things, losing money - but not receiving the part

enemy: problems with way finding, trying to climb a point but not being able while i have to wait 30sec -.-, they are aiming as if they have a sniper helmet with every chr while they are using heavy armor helmet

items: lasgergun little overpowered, the games are 5 vs 5 everbody is just shooting laser from one end to the other

control: movement keys sticking -.-

but overall nice game!
more stars if you fix the glitches

awesome ;3

soo fun & cool :3

Great game

It's a great game, based on a classic (Worms) but please for the love of god, don't have a pop up box every single time I want to buy something.