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Reviews for "Bionoids"

Utter *blam*

I didn't even start playing one level. I decided this thing was a piece of *blam* after the confusing as hell shopping system. The game shouldn't have such a high learning curve that you can't even make it through the shop without feeling like you're looking at an alien language (pun intended).

lots of potential, needs tweaks

Another glitch is that sometimes the enemys spend 30 seconds trying to jump and not get anywhere. I'm not sure how you could fix that, maybe limit the amount of jumps an enemy uses per turn before it gives up and ends the turn.

Pretty good, however...

The more I played, the more I became hooked with this one. I found it very enjoyable untill about an hour into the game play, there were bugs, after bugs, after bugs. I would hit move once, and my character would run, right off the screen. The computer could jump through walls, or get stuck in there turn, and there turn never pass. It really let me down, because I was enjoying it so much but due to the bugs it just became bitter and unplayable.

a lot of work..

there ARE glitches/ bugs to be fixed.. using machine gun sometimes makes you dmg yourself. going into corner under cliff often makes you stuck
other things such as SPELLING (Grenate "Grenade" Proffit "Profit")
need to make clear which weapons you CAN and CANT equip. i often wasted money thinking the guns and items I bought I could equip when actually they were "ONE TIME USE" items...
the AI bots are quite overpowered by their superb accuracy, leaves me to redo previous levels repeatedly just so i can buy better weapons to destroy the AI easier.
start from scratch and TEST your games to figure out the obvious before submitting. would greatly help your ratings.

awesome game

but the help screen needs to clarify the difference between the 1 use items and the permanent ones. also it needs a sell option so your inventory isnt cluttered with useless items