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Reviews for "Bionoids"

Reminds me of gunbound

Pretty fun but the pace is really slow.
There was this robot that just jumped and didn't attack or anything, so that was pretty annoying.

fun but glitchy

really fun. but kinda glitchy. i never like having to adapt to glitches. like controls sticking and walking off screen at the start of my turn. kinda lame. has a very similar feel as Worms, but love the upgrade aspect. lots of fun. Oh, and PLEASE use a grammar checker or something. i am sure every computer comes with a document program you can try your sentences in first before putting them into the games. PLEASE

Worms like...

...yet different. BUT NO SELL OPTION?!?

This must have taken quite a while.

A lot of effort was put into this. Good job. I would recommend putting damage ratings on all of the weapons to give the player a better idea of what to buy, but other than that, great job. A worthy addition to Newgrounds.

Looks good....but

The turn based action just makes it drag on and on and on. Just gets annoying. A game can be pretty, and this one is pretty.....but it's pretty boring.