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Reviews for "Bionoids"


I think you've done a really good job here, love the way you can customize each of the bionoids. Lots of levels and theres alos a strategic elemt to the game I like.

Overall great job, well done

Great concept but needs some tweaking

Very fun game, but there are a few flaws. First, I agree with Panachinator, there should be a way to sell parts. I got so many duplicate parts from crates that I could equip a full team with sniper heads and still have some left over. Second, the AI is a little wonky. I lost count of how many matches that were won simply because in the last few rounds the enemy just kept jumping into a wall. Finally, air strikes could possibly be made a little weaker. The first level I saw them, my team was nearly killed on the enemy's first turn because of a single air strike. (admittedly, the last point is more of an annoyance than an actual problem)

Great, but

This would have been 10/10 if it hadn't been for the glitches. Most of them weren't so bad, but often one of my characters would get stuck walking in a certain direction and just walk off the screen and die. This happened at least once on almost every level and was extremely annoying...

However this is still a great game, kept me playing through the whole thing. Graphics are fine, if not incredible, game play and variety of upgrades are great. Story line is nice if simple, it overall makes for a great flash game.
One other thing i think could be improved - you should be able to sell old equipment. This isn;t so much for the money, you can always grind for money, more just to get rid of the clutter in my inventory.

Thanks, keep up the good work and I hope the glitches can be fixed :)

Not too keen

This game failed to impress me. The controls were awkward and I just couldn't find it fun.

This game is a blast (no pun intended)

I enjoyed that the game reminded me of worms/tanks/etc and I also liked how you can customize your units with infinite weapons.

As for the AI, it is accurate but it does have flaws. I had a match where the AI tried to hop ontop of a ledge but it kept getting stuck and couldn't move from that spot till their ally next to them died (a big enough crater for them to walk up the hill at that point). Also, the AI lacked common sense in a way that if you tunnel under them, they will keep shooting up in the hopes of hitting you (forgetting that they are in the way of their own shot).

All in all, it is a great game and if you decide to upgrade it, then I hope you add the ability to sell parts.