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Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

Very interesting!

This game is a very well done piece of art!

The graphics are very nice I loved the three characters especially the Jason incarnation you made, the music is also excellent, the controls and variety of weapons, gameplay is almost perfectly smooth and the walking speed is great with just a few things to notice if it may help.

The dogs can hit several times in a row and push your character around the screen, I'm not sure that's intended but it feels wierd getting manhandled by a dog also in the sewer section of the game, the riot armor zombies hit way too often and are dangerous for even Jason and his chainsaw if you get too close, and talking about Jason, his chainsaw has a limited amount of use, it's alot of ammo but it would be nice to see it reload or not have it end or maybe boost up the normal melee a bit.

And lastly, just a question.

What what is "UNCA.S." you know, below the health bar?

Loved the game, keep up the amazing work!

dogget76 responds:

Yes, collisions would need an improvement. I'll see what I can do. Unca Scott is a friend o' mine in LA, and I starred him in the game. (Hi Unca!) Same for BOA.


This game was so good looking, and definitly accomplished the feel of an early 90s arcade game, only now i want more, MORE.

Dude that was awesome.

I would love to see that expanded, and set into an actual arcade machine.

The weapons, the zombies, the sounds and music, it was all perfect.

5/5 & Favorited

Great Game

I like this game a lot, this is one of the few games on newgrounds that kept me busy for quite a while. I really enjoyed playing

A few suggestions though
-add a save button
-when you die you should just lose your score, not all of your keys. I'm sure there are plenty other gamers such as myself that like to finish with everything in their inventory.
-Maybe have an inventory for your weapons. I'm not sure if that's a good idea being that it might take away from the game.
-You should be able stock ammo. As an example; if you're carrying a pistol with 50 bullets and there's one on the floor you should be able to pick up those extra 75 rounds

Over all, Great game

this game is the shit

this is one of the best retro zombie games I've ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!