Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

Can't play

I can't play it, the game will not work.

There is no way to get back to the Start menu after you go to the options menu, and the normal keys won't work to let me go past the initial instructions.

wow -_-

I had to, by force press the screen so the keyboard would work since pressing D wouldn't work. Good game sir, good game.

it doesn't work.

the buttons dont respond. It looks like its a good game, but I cant even get past the first tutorial prompt cuz I can't "press A (D) to continue" you might wanna fix this.


how do you get off the options screen? there isnt a button to send you back....

dogget76 responds:

click on the "X DONE" icon:)

pretty decent:)

i think youve done great job on the game itself,some of the monsters were immpossible to beat but it has a very old skool kinda feeling to it and its pretty good:)have a good one buddy!