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Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

Damnit, I played trough 2 times now, the second without dying, but I still cant play with this second character guy. Officer something something.

Those zombies!

This was really cool to play, because it just had some superb graphics to go with it! It reminds me of this other game I recently played that featured dinosaurs. While not as good, it was just great to have a great big environment that you could really run around and have fun with. My only complaint is that it is a bit hard to learn the controls. It was even cool to die with how they made that silly sound when you die. Congradulations on being featured as the game of the day (or whatever honor is) on the front page of Newgrounds.

Fun Fun Fun!!!!!1

It would be better if it had medals or achivements but otherwise IT IS AWSOME!!!


I loved the game. The animation was good with that old school feel. I do feel it needs ammo drops. the end stages were next to impossible, same goes for the guys with body armor. i have to wast so much amo on them its rediculous.

epic game

is really awesome. it feels a bit short but definitely worth playing!!