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Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"


needs more weapons i kept running out

A perfect tribute to the past!

Right from the moment I started this game and heard the main menu theme I immediately knew this would be a great game. While it erred a bit on the short side, and some of the gun sound effects seemed a bit weak (Company of heroes on PC in my book is a game that perfectly emulated weapon sound effects), that's simply just me nitpicking. Other then that it was simply amazing, some of the sprite work was awesome (The hanging bodies shadow). And all the of the music fit perfectly and were heavy reminiscent of older games (One piece in particular completely reminded me of Castlevania). I personally loved the arcade/tv effect you could enable as well.

It's a shame a lot of newer games these days are falling out of line with what's important, I think if developers still made 16 bit style games and just focused on gameplay and available content they could totally have amazing hits on their hands. (Castle crashers was a damn good example of this, online play and all, a perfect combination of the past and present). Also, the amount of blood was just right...not too little and not over the top exploding body bullshit.

Bottom line is, great game, great music, keep up the awesome work!

Great Game



Its a nice arcade game with ok controls and nice length, but the reason for 10? PENIS FLASHLIGHT!!! XD made my day

Awesome game!

It remember me, that day with the sega or family, playing plataform games, difficult as this one.