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Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

not the best but

for your first its really good you just gotta make the zombies weaker and give the survivor a chance to live longer and add a storyline or something too it but overall good job for your first

Nicely done

This was a good game graphics where good different kind of weapons to get was good but its not getting a 10 because it lacks a story make another ill look forward to it.

manic Walkthrough

Path of FAME - KILL EVERY ZED IN THE LEVEL (Don't forget to pick up the Key)
Path of SHAME - Kill till you get a 'key' and run like a coward to the EXIT sign.

(I'll just tell you what's necessary it's up to you to pick your path and do the killing)

[BEFORE YOU START] Change the settings from AZX to ASD. Trust me; it'll make life A LOT easier for you.

[PROLOGUE] Play around with the controls and work the gun you're given with on the First Level - you get a replacement handgun halfway through the level. When you're done and comfy, proceed to the end of the level.

[BATHROOM] Get the Max Health on the right hand side of the screen. (Keep with the Bat but I tried this with the Crowbar)

[FACTORY: Lighted Hallway] You can use up your ammo in this room - There is a replacement handgun and health halfway through and an UZI at the end past the EXIT sign. I suggest you don't tough the health until your done with a level or unless ABSOLUTELY necessary - like when you're about to die. NEVER GO BACK THROUGH A DOOR OR EXIT (You get to do the ENTIRE level again - with less ammo)

[FACTORY: Dark Hallway] Get the Katana (one slice kills the runner) and you'll need it later.

[FACTORY: Outside] The only way to kill dogs are with melee weapons - What? Didn't pick up the Katana? You should start following instructions, dumbass. Use the other weapons such as the Shotty or the pistol so you can save the flamethrower - YOU'LL NEED IT.

*I stopped counting the hits by this point and you'll see why*

[FACTORY: Furnace] Use the Flamer sparingly to kill the Brutes quickly and the Katana for the Chainsaw. After about 5 hits, move away and strike from a distance - these guys' explosion damage you.

[FOREST] BURN THOSE MUTANTS... 3 swipes at full health will kill you - And there's 3 of them. Watch out for mines... you'll see blinking red dots. You might think there's a glitch but I found out the hard way that they hurt when you step on them.

[MANSION] You need to knock down Hoodies twice before they're completely DOWN. There are Chainsaws and Dogs here

[SEWER] The Zeds with Riot Shields are also a pain... There are less than 10 of them but they beat you like there's no tomorrow. I had a Shotty but I had to alternate that with the Katana and the Mag... Good luck.

[SWAMP: Shore] Boomers spit at you and their acid does damage until it dissipates - at least they don't have any melee attacks. Move away when you kill them because like Boomers, they do damage when they explode. There are mines here, too.

[SWAMP: Raft] Keep on moving... the Swamp Monster licks you when you just stay on the top of the screen to shoot at it. When it submerges, KEEP ON MOVING! It'll try to stab you through the raft. I suggest simply going to the front of the raft and to the back of it till the Swamp Monster re-emerges. Rinse and Repeat.

[RAILROAD] JUST SHOOT and don't stop to take a breather... There's a Wrecking Ball in here and if you stop for a split second, it'll come down on you... like wrecking ball. The only nice thing about it is that it does damage to the Zeds as well. There are two Chainsaws here.

[CITY] There is an UZI halfway through and a Shotty at the very end (past the exit sign). Save the Shotty for the next level - YOU'LL NEED IT! There are a couple of Mutants here. Yeah, good luck.

[FREEWAY] KEEP ON MOVING FORWARD! The Runners here are ENDLESS. Just shoot the ones that are in your way.


You get to unlock a couple of characters when you finish the game. The first one has a hand Shotty that has infinite ammo! The second one; you have to complete the game in normal mode (that's still read F*CKING HARD) 13 times. (That's a hint as to who)


its like metal slug styled zombie game, hella good game.


- Awesome retro feel. Graphics are amazing.
- Great game engine. Plays smoothly without feeling clunky, and no significant framerate drag

- Somewhat lack of gameplay depth. For example, all you do is find the key, and after that, you can just run to the end of the map.
- Katana is useless compared to crowbar.
- Unlocked characters aren't saved when you quit/refresh the browser.

- Easiest way to unlock Jason Friday is replay the first hallway over an over again, since it has easy access to weapons and health (including going back to the bathroom for the red health)
- To switch to unlocked characters, use the chainsaw at the start point (Jason), or the badge in the bathroom (Agent BOA).