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Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

Flashlight penis!

Amazing art! Holy shit! These backgrounds are some of the best I've seen on NG. 4/5? WTF? This is rock solid!

Amazing horror experience!

This game is definitely something that far exceeded my expectations. Being a fan of horror games, this one came as a big surprise for blending the genre with nice retro graphics flawlessly.

I have to give you credit for packing so much challenge in a relatively short game. I liked the concept of using firepower carefully in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the swarms of the undead (that, thankfully, don't respawn) in later stages.

The music is simply awesome, and my personal favorite piece was {ANT} - Metal Ghost, by Anth0n. Nevertheless, the whole soundtrack is worthy of respect, so kudos to all the artists for being so talented in creating music that perfectly matches the overall gloomy atmosphere.

Excellent job!

Epicy good!

This game is one of the rare great games on the internet. The kind of games that gets you pumped!


first the light looks like his penis produces light and second its called undead end HARDCORE other than that loved it

Awesome Retro-Zombie Goodness

Zombie Hardcore is a simple game that lives up to its name, as you play a single character with a limited range of powerful weapons trying to get through an infested city of zombies of different varieties. At first, the game will overwhelm you, so much you might get frustrated with it and put it down, but if you give it a chance, and actually try to strategize your killing, you'll find the game so fun, you keep playing it until you get the unlockable characters (the cop is the lousiest one in my opinion).