Reviews for "Deadly Venom"

Great game

Very unique, i haven't really played anything like it.

Being the achievement whore hat I am I couldn't resist 100% the game, but that sexy costume was an added incentive. Wicked stuff, 5 stars.

Make a sequel!

a little glitchy but otherwise brilliant. Could also use more story line.


Oh yea the game was great!
Art was fantastic (goes without saying), the audio was solid, and the gameplay extremely unique. And while the game relied for the most part on the animation, it was executed brilliantly! Great work.

Found a few bugs, but that much is to be expected. I clicked like nuts while knifing the third and fourth guards, and was able to click a hand execution after he was already dead. When I clicked it, the first person hands showed up while the assassin was standing over the body and I wasn't able to continue on, but for the most part this glitch could be avoided.

Great job.

great game

was a fun game and it worked fine for me. big titties of course are a plus.

Nice game...but

It was pretty decent, I like how you told us how to get achievements and cheats so i can give you a ten just for that but the game overall was pretty fun, had a walkthrough if you got stuck. i like how you have to find all the parts to continue. It wasnt that hard but still nice game. One Complaint for the stealthing 20 guards. I dont see how its possible ive re-done the game atleast 3 times and at every single guard ive used. Still not 20 guards down. And its impossible to stealth 2 guards at once. I dont know why this is so im giving it a 9. Good job anyway (:

PS: Make a sequel!