Reviews for "Deadly Venom"


man this game is awesome don't listen to the retard below me i dont care if the hero is a FINE!! ASS!!! chick or a dude the only difference with that is i change a boner into thinking the guys badass and the graphics are pretty dam good not to mention the first person melee attack kicks ass

No good...

The only reason this piece of crap game has any popularity is because of its sex drive. If the main character wasn't a (poorly animated) hot busty young woman, this game wouldn't be shit, more like deleted. The bugs and glitches are too many to count, this game looks like it was put together in a few days. There is no constructive criticism to give this game other than don't do anything like this again.

Play it sukers!!!

like it maan

hot hero

ehi the hero can be insert in a porno game haha

no bug

you can only get the clothes and wallpaper by using cheats. here they are
knives and ammo=AMMO
fast run for stealth attacks=FAST
Ninja shout for stealth attacks=YIAH
orgasm screams during stealth attacks=YESS
great game, but u should be able to respawn from the exact same place u died