Reviews for "Deadly Venom"

Very glitchy for me.

I can tell it has a good idea behind it but it just wont work right for me. Im getting achievements I havent completed. If I restart a level shes in a different place than she started and I cant do anything.

Good Idea

THe artwork for this game is very good, a lot of glitches you need to fix. Mostly with the combat and the restarting of the game if the assassin dies. Really though once you fix all of the bugs, I see this being a daily winner : D


Great game, yes like everyone said there's some glitches but that's not gonna change my opinion.

8/10 Once again, great job.

Love it!

I love espionage games, especially well coded and fluid ones like this.

If you do a sequel try adding in some "Oh shit!" functions like ducking under gun fire and taking out multiple targets with your hands.

pretty cool

but their are a lot of issues